Dyarchy II (Steel construction)

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Design No. 1033

Built for: John Saeger
Builder: John Saeger, Southampton, England
Date designed: 1987

Class – Hull Number          Dyarchy Class No. 7

Principal Design Data

L.O.A: 56’ 0” (17.00 m)
Datum: 38’ 0” (11.60 m)
Beam Max: 12’ 3″ (3.70 m)
Draft: 7′ 6” (2.30 m)
Displacement tons: 22.20
T.M.: 26.61 tons
Ballast ratio: 49.3%
Sail Area: 1350 sq. ft
Rig: Gaff Cutter

The design of Dyarchy has been envied and admired throughout the world.  Her reputation was gained purely as a beautifully conceived cruising boat both in function and appearance. In 1987 the designs were prepared for hull number 7 which was built in steel by her owner at Calshot on Southampton Water, the venue of the 1927, 1929 & 1931 Schneider Trophy air races.

The comprehensive and complete set of revised and updated drawings include details of the transversely framed steel hull, steel deck and deck works and construction details of the rudder, chain plates, mast fittings, engine beds and steering arrangements. The interior layout was modified from Pickney’s original, but the rig and deck arrangement remains largely the same.

We offer individual copies of the original building plans for the steel Dyarchy as well as the original carvel (design number 0037) and also contemporary drawings for WEST strip plank construction (design number 1187).


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Individual Drawing Copies

Please download and print the drawings list for Dyarchy II the steel version, Individual plan copies cost $85.00 which includes standard airmail. Please contact us using the link for information on how to order.

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Study Notes

20 page A4 format colour booklet containing many small scale drawings and photographs as well as technical data and an abridged specifications of the carvel, strip plank & steel versions of Dyarchy & her sister ships.
Included are generic drawing lists for each of the alternative designs and information for clients considering building a modern replica of Dyarchy

Model Plans

349-1 Model (low res) 0037 Model Dyarchy 3

Full set of Stock Building Plans

1033.007.01 Accommodation Steel Feb 1987

A steel replica of Dyarchy can be constructed from the original 1987 drawings based on transverse framing consisting of angle bar frames, plate web frames and bulkheads and steel ring deck and Coach roof.  A moulded F.R.P cockpit and doghouse can be fitted if preferred.

Drawings are also available for strip plank construction for which full construction, rigging and outfit drawings will be provided.

Poster & Art Prints

0037 Dyarchy Preliminary Lines Tinted low res D:Laurent Giles Naval Architects (NZ) LtdProjects�001-0049�0 379 Masthead Bands.tif