Jolly Boat

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Design No. 0993

Built for: Various owners
Builder: Various
Date designed: 1983

Class – Hull Number  Jolly Boat No. 1

Principal Design Data

L.O.A: 14’ 10”  ( 4.42 m)
Datum: 12’   4”  ( 3.75 m)
Beam Max: 6’   2″ ( 1.87 m)
Draft: 1′   3” ( 0.38 m)
Displacement tons: 0.44
T.M.: 1.76 tons
Ballast ratio:                                   
Sail Area: 150 sq. ft
Rig: Gaff yawl         (Gaff sloop)

There are currently listed one hundred and thirty nine plywood Jolly Boats afloat and one more will start construction in January 2019. There are a couple of dozen made with fiberglass hulls. This is a stable, safe boat for single-handed or family sailing and was designed to be home built without too much effort or cost. Jolly Boat is ideal for novice sailors and experienced hands alike.

The story starts in 1983 when the designers were planning a project which would fill their own personal requirements for a small, inexpensive and above all a safe little boat which would be often used, easily trailed and a pleasure to own and sail.

It was by sheer good fortune that the now famous Jolly Boat went on to become the successful home-build project that it is today. The construction plans include full size hull frame and stem templates, provides detailed scantlings and dimensions for the complete hull construction.  The hull planking (or lap-strakes) are described in the offset table and can be simply constructed full size using simple geometric triangulation. The full plan package comes complete with eight drawings including the sail plan of both the gaff yawl and gaff sloop, and the spars and rigging arrangements for both as well as a comprehensive set of construction notes which are easy to follow.


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Individual Drawing Copies

Please download and print the drawings list for the Jolly Boat, Individual plan copies cost $85.00 which includes standard airmail. Please contact us using the link for information on how to order.

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Study Notes

11 page A4 format colour booklet containing many small scale drawings and photographs as well as information on the construction method and technical data including an abridged specification of the Jolly Boat

Model Plans

Full set of Stock Building Plans

D:Blue Laurent Giles Naval Architects (NZ) LtdProjects�950 –

A plywood Jolly Boat can be constructed from the standard plan set for the lap-strake hull construction. The set comprises four sheets of hull templates as well as sheets showing the rudder & centerboard construction, the sail plan of both the gaff yawl and gaff sloop, spars and rigging arrangements for both and of course the shell expansion of the strakes along with the hull offsets and general construction and fittings arrangements.

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