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Design No. 0367

Built for: Cornelius Brynzeel
Builder: Lamtico Ltd, Stellenboch, South Africa
Date designed: 1960

Principal Design Data

L.O.A:                                    74’ 6”             (22.71 m)
Datum:                                  59’ 3”             (18.05 m)
Beam Max:                           16’ 0″               (  4.87 m)
Draft:                                     9′   3”               (  2.82 m)
Displacement tons:                        31.20
T.M.:                                       63.50 tons
Ballast ratio:                                    48.0%
Sail Area:                              2181 sq. ft.
Rig:                                         Bermudan ketch

Stormvogel is a yacht of exceptional interest, since basically she carries ultra light displacement into a size in which, as far as is known, it had never before been used.

On a waterline length of 18.05 she has a designed displacement of 31.7 tonnes, and in fact achieved this within a very small margin. In respect of her displacement size ratio she was therefore comparable only to certain light displacement (mostly chine hull form), small yachts designed for ocean racing, and to the Scandinavian Square Metre classes.

Following his experiences with Zeevalk Cornelius Brynzeel started with the idea of a chine hull. A number of such designs were included in the tank test programme, but failed to make the grade in comparison with round those of bilge hull form.

The light displacement naturally called for exceptional measures in hull construction, but with the help of Mr Brynzeel’s knowledge of glueing, it was possible to work out an extremely strong method based on Laurent Giles & Partners’ usual light-weight stringer construction but employing a multi-skin glued Plywood, by the Brynzeel Deurenfabriek N.V., in the Netherlands, was not unnaturally used for the deck.

All other parts of the vessel were studied for reduction in weight, and many special measures adopted.

According to Jack Giles dairy notes “the design team worked together extremely happily, Van de Stadt producing a very beautiful set of lines, and John Illingworth applying his practical knowledge to the sail plan, masting and rigging with, as results have shown, very easy and certain working”. Laurent Giles & Partners were able to devote to the hull and internal work, their careful engineering of light construction, and their experience of vessels of this size.

Jack’s notes go on, “In the circumstances, it was of the greatest help to have an owner of such wide experience and knowledge, and much of the design of the yacht reflects his own thoughts and views”.

Much credit also reflects on the personnel charged with the construction, a team headed by Ray Hartman, of Table Bay; to build such a vessel and launch her to programme in a yard not accustomed to large yacht construction , is a worthy feat.

After the briefest of trials at Capetown, Stormvogel sailed for England on the 3rd of May with a ships company of fourteen, including a nine month old baby. She called at Ascension Island and the Azores and arrived at Dartmouth on June 22nd. In spite of predominantly light winds the 7,660 mile voyage was completed at an average speed of 7.6 knots.


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A sixteen page A4 format colour booklet, containing many small scale drawings and photographs as well as technical data and abridged specifications of this ground-breaking ocean racing ketch.

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Full set of Stock Building Plans

36726 Deck Construction Plan low res

A full size replica of Stormvogel can be constructed from the original 1961 drawings, or if preferred using strip plank construction for which full construction, rigging and outfit drawings will be provided. The original Van de Stadt hull lines, and Illingworth sail plan are not available, but both have been redrawn from Jack Giles notes and sketches and the original Laurent Giles tank model lines plan.

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