Tui of Opua

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Design No. 0694
Built for: Bruce G. Morley
Builder: B. and T. Morley, Toronto, Australia.
Date designed: 1946
Class – Hull Number Vertue Class No. 167
Principal Design Data
L.O.A: 25’ 3½” ( 7.70 m)
Datum: 21’ 6″ ( 6.55 m)
Beam Max: 7’ 2″ ( 2.18 m)
Draft: 4′ 6″ ( 1.37 m)
Displacement tons: 4.2
T.M.: 4.97 tons
Ballast ratio: 47.1%
Sail Area: 384 sq. ft
Rig: Bermudan slutter

Construction of Tui of Opua was well underway in July 1979 and it was anticipated that the work would be complete March 1980, but in fact it took a further four years. Bruce Morley had been aboard Mudjimba (V160) and decided that her masthead rig would suit him rather more than the standard slutter rig.
Bruce’s original order in July 1975 had included the slutter rig with wooden spars, raised topsides carvel planked on steamed timbers, lead keel and the extended ocean cruising deck works.
One question that arose was to do with the engine size and number of propeller blades: in the 1970’ there was still a fashion for long keel yachts that had rudders attached to the keel – although generally heavier they were more sea-kindly and had better tracking than the lighter production yachts with less keel area and separate spade rudders. For a single hander, before the advent of electronic self steering gears it was reassuring to know that one could lash the wheel and go to sleep while still making way. But the downside of the attached rudder is of course a small propeller due to the area that could be effectively cut away from the rudder without rendering it useless. The answer from the partners was clear and unambiguous “The problem with all of these small engines is that the propeller tends to be of a smaller diameter and since it is in an aperture an appreciable area of the ‘disc’ swept by the blades is masked by the stern-post. This means, therefore that there is very little blade showing which can get a decent grip on the water. If, however, you are only wanting an engine infrequently and purely for maneuvering in very sheltered waters, then the lower horsepowers are acceptable. If, however, you feel it likely that you would need the engine on occasions in open water and adverse conditions, then it is better to go for the higher power and lower propeller shaft r.p.m”.


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Full construction drawings are available for the Vertue. There are many options available: a new Vertue can be constructed from the original pre 1938 or post 1945 drawings, or if preferred using strip plank construction or for steel construction. In all cases full lofting (with full size templates for the strip plank version), hull and deck works construction, rigging and outfit drawings will be provided.
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