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Design No. 0048

Built for: Colonel M. Ormond Darby
Builder: Newman & Son, Poole, England
Date designed:1939

Class – Hull Number          Brittany Class No. 1


Principal Design Data

L.O.A:                                    33’ 6”              (10.21 m)
Datum:                                  25’ 0”              (  7.62 m)
Beam Max:                           8’ 2 5/8”          (  2.50 m)
Draft:                                     5’ 3”                (  1.60 m)
Displacement tons:              6.38
T.M.:                                       8.15  tons
Ballast ratio:                          47.6%
Sail Area:                               502 sq ft
Rig:                                         Bermudan cutter


In 1939 the growing demand for a 25ft. waterline cruising yacht capable of making really fast passages and of maintaining a crew of four in reasonable comfort was been met to a remarkable degree by Laurent Giles Brittany class.  Here is a yacht not only able to deal competently with any weather likely to be met around the British coasts, but into whose every detail of design, construction and equipment has gone a wealth of hard-won experience to an extent that puts her in a class by herself.  The efficiency of the snug bermudan sloop rig, the art and genius of the designer portrayed in the lines, and the specialised cleverness of the accommodation layout, all these proclaim the boat a thoroughbred.

The original of the class Bettine was designed a season earlier to meet the requirements of Colonel Derby. She proved so successful that nineteen sister ships have since been built. All follow the same lines as regards hull form but each is individual in the possession of some feature peculiar to herself and provided to meet the special requirement or inclination on the part of the individual owner. Bettine was adapted from Giles previous 38’ Kayak design number 0029, a Giles Channel Class yacht – a foot longer on the waterline.


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Individual Drawing Copies

Please download and print the drawings list for Bettine, Individual plan copies cost $85.00 which includes standard airmail. Please contact us using the link for information on how to order.

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Study Notes

16 page A4 format colour booklet containing many small scale drawings and photographs as well as technical data and an abridged specifications of the carvel and strip plank versions of Bettine and the Brittany class yachts.
Included are generic drawing lists for each of the alternative designs and information for clients considering building a modern replica of this design.

Model Plans

D:Laurent Giles Naval Architects (NZ) LtdProjects�001-0049�0

Full set of Stock Building Plans

485 Brittany Sail Plan low res

A replica of Bettine can be constructed from the original 1939 drawings, or if preferred using strip plank construction (listed as Design Number 1222 in the Register) for which full construction, rigging and outfit drawings will be provided

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