Blue Leopard

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Design No. 0430

Built for:  Desmond Molins
Builder:  William Osborne Ltd., Littlehampton, England
Date designed: 1962

Principal Design Data

L.O.A: 111’  6”           (33.99 m)
Datum: 75’  0”           (22.86 m)
Beam Max: 19’  0″           (  5.79 m)
Draft: 9′  6”           (  2.90 m)
Displacement tons:  55.0
T.M.: 40.0 tons
Ballast ratio: 29.3%
Sail Area: 3,500 sq. ft
Rig:  Bermudan ketch

Blue Leopard was without question the most successful combination of sailing yacht, fast twin screw motor yacht and comfortable home and was certainly the most famous and innovative design from Jack Giles’ hand.

The rig may look small for a vessel of nearly 34 metres but appearances are deceptive, the waterline length and displacement figures are characteristic of a much smaller vessel. The very long overhangs which account for part of Blue Leopard’s charm tend to dwarf the yawl rig; with a speed of 15 knots she was as fast under sail as when under power from her twin Rolls Royce diesels.

She was not built to Class but Blue Leopard was conceived to be built using very light materials and scantlings, a masterpiece of lightweight engineering. Original data give an estimated lightship displacement of 48.57 tonnes. In fact the Architect’s estimate proved to be somewhat optimistic; freeboards recorded during sailing trials indicated a half load displacement of approximately 52.5 tonnes.


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Individual Drawing Copies

Please download and print the drawings list for Blue Leopard, Individual plan copies cost $85.00 which includes standard airmail. Please contact us using the link for information on how to order.

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Study Notes

24 page A4 format colour booklet containing many small scale drawings and photographs as well as technical data and an abridged specifications of Blue Leopard

Model Plans

D:Blue Laurent Giles Naval Architects (NZ) LtdProjects�400-04 G:Laurent Giles Naval Architects (NZ) LtdProjects�400-0449�4 Blue leopard models

Full set of Stock Building Plans

blue leopard_layout low res

Blue Leopard is unique and it was the wish of Mr Molins that this should remain so. Jack Giles and he entered into a ‘Gentleman’s agreement not to build repeats of the design and with this in mind the company has not offered for sale the rights to build another.

In respect for Mr Laurent Giles and Mr Molins that is a position that we continue to maintain therefore while plans are available for purchase these do not include the hull lofting information.

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