80 years ago 1939, Flica II, although never an Americas Cup challenger, was none the less notable in the International Yacht Racing Rule 12 m class. She was one of the largest I.Y.R. Twelve Metre class ever built, however some commentators deemed her to be too long, too narrow and too heavy. In fact, at the end of the season she had just one first place, one second and five third places out of twenty four starts, this was attributed to rigging issues rather than the design and the hull shape was deemed very fast indeed.

What is the connection between Giles 1956 designed 13.0 m sailing cruiser Donella and the Dutch Superyacht giants Feadship and Royal Huisman?

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40 years ago - the gap filler that far exceeded expectations

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2 thoughts on “80 years ago: Fife’s last yacht & Laurent Giles first 12 m

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      Hi Sterling, this may well be the case although we have yet to find any correspondence or notes confirming.


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