Donella, the prototype to the Donella Class was designed in 1956 and during the following two years was built by Messrs. Percy Mitchell of Mevagissey, Cornwall. Altogether nineteen Donella class hull numbers were assigned of which two (hulls numbers 12 & 13) were not built. Four of those that were built: numbers 5, 11, 14 […]

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Today, ten years after the mission started a visitor to the Laurent Giles can find either directly from the site by searching the design name, or by using the contact feature, technical and design information on all of Jack Giles designs and most Laurent Giles designs up to the end of the twentieth century. For […]

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In 1938, a year before Whooper, the designs for Wapipi were commissioned and she commenced building in Plymouth by Morgan Giles (no connection) for Commander W. B. Pirie. When delivered she sailed under the burgee of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club. She was later owned by Sir Derrick Gunston. Wapipi shared Whooper’s hull lines with […]

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