The British challenger for the 1964 Americas Cup was Sovereign and unlike the current hi octane hi- adrenaline event those days bought an elegance and style akin to Sunday cricket on the village green, Panama hats rather than carbon crash helmets, summer chic, and sipping tea while surrounded by newsreel photographers, and not a sponsors brand or press conference in sight.

The same was true of the 12m Yachts tenders, not rigid inflatable boats, no telemetry, never buzzing the fleet or shooing away unwanted spectators. Just calm gentlemanly motor yachts. Unhurried and respectfully unhindered.

Tony Boyden’s tender for Sovereign was the Laurent Giles designed 96’ (29 m) long Diadem of Dewlish, she was then one of Laurent Giles larger yachts, built in England of British steel, she was designed to be easily maneuverable and comfortable in a seaway (before the advent of fin stabilizers) and to cross the Atlantic on her own keel years before the advent of yacht transportation vessels.

She has been enjoying the Mediterranean for three decades and on Monday May 3rd 2021 Diadem returned to the UK from Portugal. We will have more news about Diadem in coming months.

1971 quite a dull year by all accounts

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I don't believe it!!

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