Eighty years ago Eric and Susan Hiscock took delivery of the diminutive 24 footer Wanderer II (design number 0018) from which Eric was to commence his immensely prolific writing career. When not at sea aboard a  Wanderer II, III, IV, or V Eric and Susan resided in Yarmouth – a short fetch from Giles Office close to Lymington Town Quay.

Eric Hiscock chronicled his earliest sailing experiences, both solo and later with his wife Susan, in Wandering Under Sail and his account of their first world circumnavigation (1952–1955) was told in Around the World in Wanderer III

Eric and Susan Hiscock were awarded the Bluewater Medal by the Cruising Club of America in 1955 for a “Circumnavigation by Canal and Cape of Good Hope by owner and wife, July 24, 1952 – July 13, 1955 in thier second Laurent Giles-design Wanderer III  (design number 0164)

Eric Hiscock died on board Wanderer V in Whangerai, New Zealand in 1986. Susan Hiscock died in Yarmouth in 1995

By nature the Giant Killer

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Fandango - designed and built in eight months

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