Nearly forty years ago, November 1977 was indeed a prolific month for the construction of new wooden Vertues; building commenced on five, all of which were launched and are still afloat and enjoyed today. It was shortly after this profusion that the initiative was raised to produce these famous little ocean cruisers in GRP, and for a short time these charming and enduring yachts were built with forty-one Vertue II’s delivered, averaging two a year up to cessation of production in the mid 1990’s

Construction of wooden Vertues has never faltered and since phasing out production of the GRP versions a dozen or so have been constructed, with strip plank or traditional carvel planked hulls, mainly by their owners.

We are gratified in these days of wide beam, light displacement plastic to see wooden Vertue numbers continuing to rise, and we are delighted to announce that during the months of August and September so far orders have been received to supply the drawings for the construction of two more wooden Vertues:

Vertue number V236 on the drawings of Andrillot (1936) goes to the United States with the original carvel hull construction plans and gaff rig with wooden spars.

The hull of Vertue number V237 will be constructed in the United Kingdom using Douglas fir strip planks, she will feature a long doghouse The drawing package includes a redesigned interior layout and up to date cruising rig.

Had he never designed an ocean racer Jack Giles would still have become famous for his beautiful motor yacht designs.

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